The YES Business Programme and St.Mary’s

YES runs a number of business programmes across a wide andvaried range of areas, in Oct 2011 the YES BusinessProgramme was delivered in partnership with St. Marys a secure and residential school to a group ofyoung boys. The programme funded by the Big Lottery challenges young people; aimed atfacilitating 'learning by doing' the YES Business Programme engages with young people on many levels to support their development and enhance their learning.

Emphasising theimportance of team work and cooperation; key skills required for any business,the team building exercises proved beneficial in identifying and matchingindividual skills (production line management, numeracy skills, creativity) tospecific roles within the business. The group quickly pulled together a list ofpossible business names and by unanimous vote decided on 'ALLSORTS'; a popularword of choice used by the young people at St. Mary's to describe what they aredoing, what they like and the ideas they have. ALLSORTS spent no time deliberating overpotential product ideas, these young men knew exactly what would make money... agood old fashioned 'tuck shop'. The market research conducted by the group supportedtheir idea and quickly products lists, costing's, profit margins and priceswere calculated.

During ALLSORTS business meetings the group began to pulltogether their business plan as well as build the contents of a professional,detailed but concise business presentation. Overcoming their fears andapprehensions to face the wrath of a mock dragons den, ALLSORTS presentedtheir business case to St Marys Head of Centre, Head of Care, ChiefOperating Officer of Young Enterprise Scotland and other attendees present on the day. The young men responded to the question andanswer session that followed successfully, confidently and a with a dash ofgood humoured wit.

On the 13th Dec 2011 the school approved the start-uploan needed to get the business on its feet. Positive words of praise and encouragement from the panel of attendees:

Headof programme

Headof Care


Early days though it may be for ALLSORT, the young apprentices are already busy with activity astheir business moves ahead into 2012. The first stock order has been made and customerpurchase forms have been distributed all with a view to creating profit which theyplan to re-invest into the young people's own education and to a nominated charityof their choice. Clearly illustrating ALLSORTS of positive outcomes can be achieved when young people come together in a benefical learning environment.

Young Enterprise Scotland wishes the determined and dynamic business and the team every success moving forward!

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