A Festival Welcome for Sanjeev Kohli

  • Entrepreneurial youngsters find their own way to the top, says Still Game star Sanjeev Kohli

He's best known for playing a quick-witted shopkeeper in a traditional, family-run business in Craiglang.

But Still Game star Sanjeev Kohli is encouraging youngsters to have no fear of following an unconventional career path if it's one they're passionate about.

The actor will be speaking at our Festival of Youth Enterprise - a two-day celebration and networking event for young people who are interested in making headway in business.

Sanjeev has had to be enterprising in his career to date - he started out on a medical degree and moved to maths, before being discovered on a radio magazine show - so it's fitting that he's the keynote speaker at the event.

At the festival, which takes place at Hampden Park on 5 and 6 June, Sanjeev will be encouraging youngsters to follow whichever path they're passionate about - no matter how unusual that may be.

I started off on a totally different path from where I am now, so I suppose I've taken an unconventional route.

I had no idea what I wanted to do after getting my maths degree. I was really lucky that someone recognised the potential in me and asked me to audition for a radio magazine show. The first time I did it, I felt like I had been doing it all my life.

After that, I thought I would go down the journalistic route but people began to take notice of the funny links I was making between sections on the show - and that's when the comedy side of things began.

I got into comedy writing and comedy acting, and then onto sketch writing and acting. It was a very organic process.

Sanjeev Kohli

The actor - who also plays café owner AJ in River City - reckons enterprise is about so much more than numbers and business planning. And he says it's vital that young people in the last two years at school are given the opportunity to learn as much as they can about a lot of different kinds of careers.

If you have a passion for something you can make a career out of it. You don't have to go down the traditional route.

Between the ages of 16 and 18, you're looking for something that's going to fire up your imagination.

Enterprise isn't necessarily all about the numbers and the business planning: to be an entrepreneur you have to find enterprising ways to network and to get to know people that will help you pursue your goals.

Being enterprising is also about looking for pathways into things and keeping an open mind.

It's great if you can take a degree of control in your career path: learning on the job and self-teaching are so important.

Just look at the comedian Limmy; he's done it all totally by himself and now makes his own shows. He's now a totally self-contained unit.

An unconventional career path is a trickier one but it's possible. If you're passionate about something you're totally engaged and invested in it and you work hard at it.

There will be a course out there that you can go for. Don't be afraid to be unconventional and cast your net wider.

Sanjeev Kohli
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