Molly Rose, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

  • The young entrepreneur was inspired by a Youtube clip to launch her own enterprise

We love to share stories of Scotland's young people, you may have seen our recent news article about Suhit overcoming his health battles to launch an Influencer Marketing business.

Molly Rose, founder of Molly Rose Drinks is no different.

The eight-year-old from the Scottish Borders has launched a lemonade brand that is kind to others with a bit of support from her Mum and Dad.

The first thing we were keen to find out was whether Molly had always been a huge fan of lemonade or was this something you stumbled across and decided to get involved in?

I've always really loved lemons, in fact my Granny makes the world's best lemon drizzle cake!

Molly Rose

Molly credits a Youtube clip with being the inspiration behind her enterprise.

She recalls her Dad playing her a song called 'The Duck Song' about a duck and a lemonade stand.

Video Link:

After thinking about it, she asked her Mum whether she thought she might be able to have a stand of her own. After being given the go-ahead, Molly charged ahead with her production.

In just two hours, Molly managed to sell 40 litres of her brand's first incarnation. In a very socially aware manner, Molly donated £100 from her first sales to Cash for Kids - then told her parents she'd like to try bottling her lemonade.

We wondered what kind of things she had to consider when setting up her brand:

We had to think about how the bottle would look on the shelf and how we could make it stand out.

We also wanted to make sure people connected with the story and the fact that 10% of our profits always go towards a children's charity. Molly Rose Drinks' vision is to provide Molly's tastiest social soft drink that is kind to others. Our lemonade is a classic drink with a modern twist. It is a real lemony, fresh, zingy lemonade with a hint of vanilla and has no bubbles. It packs a punch.

Claire, Molly's Mum

Being such a young entrepreneur, we were anxious to find out whether Molly has found it difficult to invest her time and energy into the project while her friends - presumably - don't run their own businesses!

However, we are reassured by Molly that it's actually really fun running a business and that it's been a huge opportunity for her to learn so much.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, there are a whole host of challenges involved in enterprise from the point of product conception, developing the idea and finding stockists.

Molly's mum, Claire tells us that getting their story out into the wider community was the initial challenge Getting the story and brand out in the market, we have fantastic support locally and are very grateful for that. The soft drink market is very competitive and we offer something very different. It's all about getting the message out.

Getting the story and our brand out into the market was a real challenge, we've had fantastic support locally and we're really grateful. The soft drink market is very competitive and we know we can offer something very different - it's just all about getting known.

Claire, Molly's Mum

And what about the future for Molly Rose Drinks? Is the brand a one trick pony?

I'm assured that this isn't the case and that we'll be seeing plenty more from them!

We plan to have another two flavours available in 2019 which is really, really exciting - but it's so difficult to choose which ones! Me, my mum and dad all have different ideas.

Molly Rose

Lastly, we wondered what message Molly would give to other young entrepreneurs like herself.

Go for it! It's fun.

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