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Each year we welcome groups of young people from schools across Glasgow and the surrounding areas onto our Pathways Programmes.

Our latest group to complete their time with us were S5 winter leavers from St Paul's in Pollock, to celebrate they put their newly-developed hospitality skills to the test by hosting a special lunch in Clyde College's purpose-built Clyde Kitchen.

For their 'Eat on 8' takeover, the nine young people invited representatives from their school and had the option to invite their guardians along. We were thrilled to have the most well-attended celebration event yet,it is a great reflection of a brilliantly engaged group of young people.

After spending the morning preparing a full-on spread including chilli with rice and patatas bravas, the group served it up in a very professional manner; offering every guest the option of a soft drink, tea or coffee. Their hard work certainly didn't go unnoticed with their creation receiving rave reviews and even a bold '10/10'!

Also in attendance were two of our wonderful kitchen volunteers Alison and Anne, however this time they were on the other side of the serving spoon!

It's been amazing to see how far they've progressed while taking part in the Pathways Programme. Each of them as really grown in confidence and it's been so lovely to see them interacting, not just with us -but with each other too.

We've noticed a real reduction in screen time as they've progressed, at the beginning any time they were in the kitchen they'd be glued to their phones and not talking - but as time has gone on, more conversations occurred, meaning less screen time and more opportunities to form bonds.

They are nice kids and the change in them has been immense. Another thing we've noticed was a real change in their eating habits, we had some young people trying new foods for the very first time while for others it was all about building the confidence they needed to be able to eat in public.

For John and Kaitlyn, their real highlight on the course was getting to work with our close partners Skapade Studios.

It was really interactive, and really it was the most fun subject, I thought it was quite difficult so it was a challenge.


I liked that it was so interactive, we worked together in pairs create a mix, so were encouraged to talk


Participation in our Pathways Programmes allow young people to identify and learn their key skills and develop upon their strengths.However, due to the great work of the entire group they've gone a step further and every single person has submitted an application for college.

The course has worked really well, I think introducing the young people to Skapade Studios early on really helped to energize and set the tone for the programme.

Greg Leighton - St Pauls RC High School

I can honestly say this is the best group we've had from St Pauls.

The young people that work with us haven't been attending school regularly; if they go at all it's pretty sporadic - but as they're on the school roll they need something stimulating to engage them.

The attendance of this entire course has been 95% with one young person attending every single session - so there's been a massive change in their previous behaviour. They've done everything we've asked of them and have gotten involved in things outwith their comfort zone.

Catriona Smith, Senior Programme Executive for Pathways Programmes

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