YE Scotland Alumni Hits Vienna

  • The second part of our YES Alumni blog
  • We traveled to Vienna to begin establishing our Alumni network

If you've had the chance to keep up with our recent news posts, you'll have seen that we're working hard to re-establish our Alumni network. You can catch up with the first section of our blog here.

Last time we caught up with other countries Alumni networks and what kind of events their alumni enjoy attending.

Some highlights of the other networks' included an Alumni beer event in Denmark,where the network would visit a brewery and learn about the formation of beer and also create their own Alumni flavour!

Next, the team from Germany had organised a wine tasting session and strategy day to bring members together.

Some countries organised Alumni Challenge days where groups within the networks would compete against each other on a set 'challenge', these events were highly rated due to the competitive aspect and also as it would help to promote team building within networks. Italy were working to promote women within the workplace and were keen to organise job shadow opportunities for young women within the network to work with other successful women within industry.

Other countries went along the routes of having longer-residential events, such as Switzerland organising a trip of 50 Alumni to Dublin last year,others going camping in the mountains and Bulgaria holding an Enterprise Camp for Alumni who may lack in parental support or have been in care.

It is interesting to see that some Alumni Networks work closely with their JA (Young Enterprise) office and assist in their competitions such as assisting with the judging or presenting awards - while others are not affiliated at all.

As we are setting up our network from inside our office, we believe this will allow us to form a strong and sustainable collaboration.

Following this session, we were due to have a guest speaker session, however due to a late cancellation we had slightly more time to get ourselves organised to head to the JA Austria offices for our dinner.

This was one of the very rare breathing points of the conference, as I had time to reflect on what I'd learned so far, which was that our Alumni Network doesn't need to look a certain way. There are huge networks, small networks, some that meet regularly and some that prefer more infrequent gatherings. So at this stage I was unsure whether this would make things easier - with less restrictions, or harder with fewer guidelines.

Lucy McOuat

The group travelled across Vienna by underground to the JA Austria offices where we'd find out about the 2018 CREATE conference and have some dinner.

We had a chat via video link with Daniil Golubev, who is involved in organising the conference. This gave the NC's the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the agenda which involved a spa session. Exciting!

Following this and a bit more networking, we were given the option to head out for drinks at a local Irish Bar - however I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the information and decided to head back to our hotel to gather my thoughts before the 8am start on Saturday!

The early bird catches the worm allegedly, this early burd had just enough time to grab a quick roll from the breakfast bar before heading up to the conference room. This gave me a good chance to spot which countries sent their party animals!

Lucy McOuat

The first session was titled 'Customer Journey', which initially I found peculiar until I realised that all Alumni are expecting some kind of service from us, thus become our customers.

Firstly we had to understand ourselves and our offerings before any customer could, so we had to verbalise our strengths and our unique selling points (USP), understand who our customer is and identify any 'pain points' they may experience in registering and being involved with our Alumni network.

The challenge with this workshop was that as our network hasn't been established yet, we have no customers to assess! For this, it was important to imagine who we would be working with this time next year...

We've also been featured in JA Alumni Europe's latest newsletter, check it out HERE!

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