YES Supports Mental Health Awareness week 18th – 24th May 2020

  • YES staff proud to support Mental Health Awareness week
  • Acts of kindness whilst working from home


Young Enterprise Scotland are delighted to see how their team have embraced and supported Mental Health Awareness week whilst working from home.

Here are some fantastic stories from our team about how they have got involved.

I would like to highlight and say a huge thanks for the kindness shown to me by many of my lovely YES colleagues who have provided a much-needed listening ear and many calming chats since the start of this pandemic. They have helped me enormously to get things into perspective and focus on the here and now and I am very grateful!!

My kids organised a family movie night through schooll last week and they decided off their own backs to donate the ticket and snackbar money to charity - so I was very impressed with their kindness!.

Emily, Young Enterprise Scotland - Fundrasing Manager

I've been making facemasks in cotton to sell on eBay and had a lady buy 3, well the universe interfered on this sale as one of the elastics had come loose - I don't know how as I give them all a good tug to double check they are secure so this one slipped through somehow and she sent an email to say she was letting me know. I offered a new one or a refund and she didn't reply so I again said could she let me know what she wanted me to do for her.

She replied it was fine she was just letting me know and she then thanked me for being amazing in making good quality face masks as she was working in a nursing home and they were short on PPE. I replied and said no YOU are amazing and shouldn't be having to buy your own PPE so I refunded her for all 3. She was delighted but it is wrong that she should be having to buy her own on eBay. So - her reply made me cry with nice tears - I don't consider this a win for her - it feels like a win for me as it made me feel like I have done something to help and maybe brightened her day a little.

These random acts of kindness always give you more than the person you are giving to, so maybe a little selfish to make you feel good.

Julia, Young Enteprise Scotland - Fundrasing Executive

Young Enterprise Scotland colleagues have all been very kind and supportive to me over these past few weeks. They have all checked in with me regularly via text or call. They know we've had a few family difficulties during this period and - despite each of them going through their own challenges - they have all been looking out for me. They have all helped to brighten my days.

Marie, Young Enteprise Scotland - Senior Programme Executive School Programmes

I need to give a shout out to the YES team also. We have a super kind bunch of people. Julia specifically as she made 4 masks for me and my family. She let us choose our own designs and would not take any money for them. We are truly grateful to her for spending her time and resources on doing this for us.

We have also had a family member buy both kids an itisonvoucher in their name to help feed a homeless or in need person through the Social Bite appeal during this pandemic. This was very overwhelming and thoughtful as even though the whole world is going through this period together there are still so many people falling
through the crack and in a world when so many have so much, its times like this
when we need to look outward and look to share, show empathy and help others less fortunate then ourselves. This really touched my heart as it was something done for someone else but with the kindness of our family in their mind.

Michelle, Young Enteprise Scotland - Finance and HR Manager

A wee act of kindness story for you. My wee mum was doing her very short walk approximately about the length of the gate to the ladies' toilet in RG. Anyway, there
are a row of shops quite close by and a young women approached my mum and gave her a wee card with her number on and said if she needed anything just to ring. My mum doesn't know this woman, but she obviously just saw an elderly lady and wanted to help . My mum thanked the 'girl' and wished her well but her daughter (me) gets everything for her. I just thought that was lovely. Another one was last week I had run out of disposable gloves and one of my neighbours overheard me and left a box on my stairs.

Catriona, Young Enteprise Scotland - Senior Programme Executive

Sharing positivity through music and conversation

By setting up the Facebook page' The Livingroom- Lockdown Sessions' which
had the aim to help spread positivity, music, laughter and wellbeing! Initially I thought the group would help local musicians connect with their families and friends through online music sessions, but the group has grown to 2,100 members from around the world. This has led to a regular Sunday Live music festival of up to 13 acts who perform live from around the UK, Australia and Nashville.

The members tell me often that the live music sessions on a Sunday has become a highlight of their week, and a way to feel part of something, meet new friends and start conversations. Friends have been made through the group and pen pals, and the musicians have said being able to perform for the group every week has given them a much-needed focus and positive motivation. It is a lovely, humble way to share music for friends and family who we can't be with one another right now - one musician is in England, but his son and wife are in Croatia and the group live sessions allow him to feel close to his family, as they tune in to listen every week.

Through the live performances I have helped raise money and awareness for The Scottish Cot Death Trust, and also for the NHS.

Lynn, Young Enteprise Scotland - Programme Executive
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