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At YE Scotland we make no secret of the fact we like to celebrate young entrepreneurs, whether or not we've had the opportunity to work with them.

Sometimes we are sent amazing stories of young people changing the world, sometimes we bump into them at events.

Most recently, we stumbled across one online.

We stumbled across Glasgow teenager Suhit Amin's story on LinkedIn and knew we had to have a catch up and a chat about his success.

Whilst on the surface Suhit is your average teenager attending Hutchesons' Grammar in Glasgow, he has faced some serious health setbacks - all the while establishing himself as the next big thing in influencer marketing.

In January 2018, Suhit decided to launch his enterprise,Saulderson Media, a management company for up-and-coming social media influencers with a real focus on eSports - online leagues of computer sporting games.

Just one month later, Suhit was diagnosed with early stage Hodgkin Lymphoma and told he would need to undertake 12 rounds of Chemotherapy. A devastating blow for anyone, but Suhit refused to let this become a setback.

In addition to his role as Depute Head Boy, he got stuck into his studies and achieved a brilliant 6A's - receiving the good news just a week before his final treatment session at The Beatson.

While studying hard and achieving fabulous results, Suhit was determined to make a success of his business idea and just four months after launching in July, the start-up was expected to achieve a six-figure turnover. Brilliantly enough, his successes are being recognised as he was crowned Young Social Media Marketer of the Year at the Social Media Marketing Awards.

Currently studying his Advanced Highers, he has applied to study Economics and Management University and is hoping that his enterprise will help him through.

Up until this year, I wouldn't say I have faced any significant personal barriers. I have always thought I have been lucky to have what I think is a great life with so many opportunities. However, being diagnosed with cancer was a real shock tome.

I won't lie to you, it has not been easy. I've been living with this for about seven months and the six months of treatment have been the hardest six months of my life. It was the first time that I've really been scared to wake up on a Friday as I knew I'd be heading to the Beatson to get a dose of chemo.

I coped the only way I know how, I stayed strong and treated it as if it was just a minor obstacle that I knew I could surpass. This experience has been more than anything a learning experience and it was obviously a life changing experience for many reasons. There have been lots of things I couldn't do, many times I've been too unwell to go to school, see my friends. However, I coped by staying motivated and inspired.

I feel purpose having a challenge and working my way to a solution to overcome this challenge.

Suhit Amin

Since Saulderson Media's launch in the summer, Suhit's business has quickly established itself as popular and profitable, working with some of the world's biggest social influencers.

By social influencers I mean your non-celebrity internet personalities - YouTubers,Twitch streamers and Instagram influencers.

It works in the same way models or actors have management and agents organising schedules, bringing them brand deals, appearances, monetizable content and whatnot, however, for social media influencers.

As well as the personal talent management, I work in the agency sense, in which brands can reach out to our agency (or we reach out to brands or work with other agencies) and run influencer marketing campaigns for them

Suhit Amin

Becoming an entrepreneur hasn't always been at the forefront of his ambitions, as he always wanted to follow in his parent's footsteps and become a doctor - however this all changed when he realized the potential to make money online.

It fascinated me how I could take my passions and things I am good at online and monetise them in some way.

In 2017 I really got interested in the eSports industry which will soon be a $billion-dollar industry. It's huge, it's going places and really globalising at a fast rate. I started gaining a deeper knowledge of eSports and the industry as well continuing my experience in the YouTube and social influencer space.

In January 2018 I started freelance account management for the biggest eSports company in the world, ESL. I was technically an employee, however, due to being 17 I officially freelanced and sold my services to them.

Suhit Amin

But Suhit decided to launch his own enterprise, not wanting to be contracted to one place and working under someone else's guidelines.

My perspective on life and everything changed so much - it has really motivated me to grab every opportunity possible and make something of myself.

Just because I am a schoolchild, doesn't mean I can't make something of myself. I can't stress enough how I want to make a positive change in the world as an entrepreneur and leave a legacy.

Suhit Amin

Do you know of a young entrepreneur who has the drive to create success like Suhit? Why not let us know, we'd love to feature more young people on

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