Young Entrepreneur Won’t Let Covid-19 Curb Her Creativity

The past year has been a whirlwind for us all, to say the least – but one person from West Lothian has seen how the pandemic has helped her build upon her enterprise skills.

11-year-old Kaylah Matembe from Livingston, West Lothian felt the impact of the Coronavirus acutely as it meant the end of her Primary School journey came to a disjointed and socially distant end.

With the break out impacting all aspect of life, Kaylah found her Prom being cancelled along with eagerly-anticipated school trips and her final days of P7being a bizarre experience.

The abrupt change in circumstances and lifestyle gave Kaylah the idea of fictionalising the pandemic while out on a walk with her family.

In her story, she focused on what she considered to be the most peculiar aspect of the entire situation; the nation's fascination with toilet paper.

With news outlets pointing to shortages, she just couldn't understand how Coronavirus could be linked to toilet paper shortages! And so the strange tale was born.

T.P.Roll is about a series of peculiar events that happen when the Corona Virus pandemic– Covid-19 - grips the world. A mother and doctor's obsession with toilet paper costs her big time as her twisted priorities turn her into that which she seeks.

Kaylah dedicated her book to the young people affected by the pandemic, noting that maybe her generation will be the one to pioneer change:

I dedicate this book to every young person that has been affected by COVID-19, to all the P7's of 2020 that had their last year rudely interrupted with school trips going virtual and prom getting cancelled to be replaced by all the oddities of toilet paper shortages and the bizarre occurrences of the quarantine and lockdown. May this be the last pandemic we ever live through.

May we be the generation that makes the most of adapting to change. Lots of love Kaylah xo xo

Kaylah Matembe

You can find out more about Kaylah's book here.

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