Peter Proud

Peter Proud
Peter Proud

Peter Proud

Peter Proud’ s first taste of the world of work was delivering milk from 4am between the ages of 12 and 17 before heading to school at Woodmill High in Dunfermline. It was there that Peter first learned the importance of developing emotional strength.

“My ambition at school was to be a fast jet pilot. I was devastated when I passed the initial tests only to be failed on having legs that are too long. It was all I had ever wanted to be.

Peter continues; “It is not just about the key skills that young people need to enter the world of work; it is about attributes. It is about having the ability to accept different points of view. To be able to communicate efficiently and effectively and to be able to work in a team. My experience tells me that it is not always the one that does the best job who is successful but the one that communicates it well. Leadership skills are key – you can go fast alone but not far alone – harness the collective thought.”

Peter is now CEO and Founder of fast-growing cloud-native global software business Forrit and sees his role as CEO as one of building a high-performance team.

“If I had an ask of education, it would be to stop taking a cookie cutter approach. All students have different skills and learn in different ways. We need to help each young person really know what they excel at. To recognise what their strengths and weaknesses are and help them achieve the best they can. Education should be the foundation for all – the modern world is about teamwork and respect for others.”

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