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Why You (As a Student) Need to Learn Entrepreneurial Skills

It used to be that if you graduated from college or university, with good grades, you were guaranteed a job in your chosen field. But as more and more people go onto university, this is no longer the case. Graduates now more than ever need to show prospective employers that they have a more rounded skill set.

So what skills are employers looking for? Problem-solving, flexibility and adaptability, taking the initiative, self-awareness, and resilience are all "skills" which graduates need to have to be competitive in the market today. And, funnily enough, these are all key entrepreneurial skills as well!
Many universities are now recognising this need, and are providing events, courses and training to help students develop these key skills. You need to understand the importance of developing these skills, and look to take any opportunities they can to enhance this learning process.

So, how can I do this?
1. Get yourself to as many events related to entrepreneurship as possible, even if you do not want to be an entrepreneur. There are plenty of business plan competitions, pitching competitions, or event just lectures to help you understand the passion, perseverance and effort it takes to be an entrepreneur.

2. Meet as many people as possible. Go to networking events. Meet alumni, meet startups, meet academics, meet local heroes. The more you network, the easier it becomes. You never know how that serendipitous meeting will help you in later life!
3. Take free or online courses to boost skills, or take advantage of any extra-curricular training offered. Through Bridge2Business, you can gain access to free digital courses through Accenture!
4. Work with a startup or do an internship with a small company. What better way to get involved in many aspects of business than to be helping a young or small business? Get involved with Bridge2Business, we are always look for passionate students to help support our events, and get the word out!
The key thing is keep an open mind, experience as much as possible, and work hard. Entrepreneurial skills will help you in many aspects of life, not just the job market. And who knows, you might enjoy the experience so much you decide entrepreneurship is the right career path!


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